Exilis and Liposuction

Patients with small areas that would be high risk for surgery and patients afraid of surgery can also benefit. Similarly, Exilis Day treatments may be used in lieu of liposuction, after liposuction or even tried before liposuction as an alternative therapy.

Post-liposuction patients are also candidates for treatment due to laxity or irregularity. Exilis can also come in to play where other procedures cannot due to limitations of their technology. A common example is beneath the ribcage, where some have a roll of adipose tissue that needs feathering. After surgery, it is also reported that the Exilis Day treatment also has a positive impact on the viscosity of the fat to be removed during the liposuction procedure, as well as positively impacting the skin tightening and lymphatic drainage after the procedure.

 Patients who are not candidates for liposuction because of skin laxity may also find Exilis treatments most beneficial. The treatment using the Exilis device fulfills a missing niche in aesthetics.

 Targeted Fat Approach

We have the ability to direct the treatment to problem areas, which is a significant advantage of Exilis Day treatments. It’s nice to have the same kind of control as if sculpting a face with dermal fillers. Exilis not only treats the deepest layers, but rejuvenates the skin when treating the upper levels of the dermis, for less wrinkles and better skin tone.

 We can refine the delivery of heat, whereas allows adjustment for the depth and focus the energy to customize treatments to the needs of our patients. The key is the penetration of about ¾’s of an inch (2 cm), allowing for meaningful fat reduction. The more we cool the skin via the advanced thermoelectric surface cooling system, the deeper we can penetrate the fat allowing the dermis, deep dermis, sub-dermis and deep tissue to all be targeted.

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