Exilis How Does it Work?

Exilis results are based on using controlled RF energy to stimulate collagen remodeling.  The RF energy volumetrically heats the deeper tissues and ramps up the metabolic activity of the fat cells, causing them to liquefy / release excess stored lipids into the bloodstream, which is absorbed by the lymphatic system for removal from the body. For this and best results, a sufficient increase in the consumption of water is required the day prior, day of, and day after treatment.

Exilis Austin Tx

Non-invasive Body Fat Reduction

The Exilis facial applicator is wonderful for those individuals who want to maintain a lift and then work on a preventative aging. One client stated ”Many hear friends ask if they had a facelift…”The focused and controlled RF energy thermally disrupts collagen fibers and the natural healing process produces new collagen fibers  Older patients typically would not expect to have a good response to building collagen, but the positive results are still very evident.

Patient Expectations and Procedure

So expectations are then set correctly, we cannot claim that our Exilis Day treatments will produce the same results as arhytidectomy (facelift surgery), brachioplasty (eye surgery), or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Exilis RF technology cannot entirely compare to surgery… yet.

Before every treatment, patients are weighed, measured, and photographed as a good practice to allow the operator and the patient to better see results and progress being made. Usually, the most progress occurs between the second and third session. Patients also appreciate the small amount of office time required for treatment.

At Exilis Day, there is a high patient satisfaction rate within a defined area. Patients seeing the achieved results then typically add additional areas. Second, Exilis is a fast procedure, it usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes to treat one area.

Exilis treatments are almost painless and there are few restrictions on activity afterwards. No compression garments or special hosiery are required. The patient’s skin stays pink for a short time and then as the skin layers cools, the color returns to normal and the tightening becomes evident.



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  1. […] How does Exilis work? The Exilis uses radio frequency energy and the new generation advanced technology delivers a safe uniform distribution of RF energy, eliminating energy peaks. The resultant heat energy is targeted below the skins surface, volumetrically heating the deeper tissues of the undesirable fat layers and induces shrinkage of the fat cells by ramping up their metabolic activity and stimulates the generation of new collagen. This RF process leads to circumference reduction and also in improvement in the appearance of cellulite. […]

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