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Because of its collagen-stimulating effects, Exilis is also a remarkably effective way to rejuvenate your face and improve stubborn jowls and fat deposits. If sagging skin and wrinkles are making you look and feel old,
Exilis is especially effective for rhytids (baggy wrinkles) under your eyes. Rhytids have a tendency to make you seem more tired or unhappy than you really are. Let your bright, youthful personality shine through with Exilis wrinkle treatment!

As we age we can’t wear as much makeup because it sits in the fine lines that can make us look even older.
Some of our patient’s facial skin looks so good after a regiment that they can wear less and less makeup, as time goes on.

Sun Damage and Wrinkles
The affordable Exilis Facial Rejuvenation Day treatment can also be performed year round as Exilis can be safely used on tanned patients. Many patients have solar damage (elastotic wrinkling) and those patients have been thrilled with the outcomes of our procedures. One woman close to age 90 began treatment one month before attending her granddaughter’s wedding and “she looked fabulous for the wedding.” For facial wrinkling, results are noticeable after two treatment sessions and certainly within one month after completion. However, tightening of extensive facial laxity typically takes slightly longer.

Exilis and Faces / Face Lifts
Exilis Day procedures can tighten areas on the face to achieve a more natural look. Our treatment incorporates an advanced thermoelectric cooling system for extremely safe treatments that are non-invasive alternatives to traditional face-lifts. Skin looks firmer, tighter and smoother without any needles or healing time.

Those that have had other surgical face-lift and or neck lift procedures can and do experience “stretch back” due to lack of skin elasticity. Our patients benefit from our post surgery treatments in extending the benefits of such surgical procedures, such as conditioning the skin for the upkeep after face lifts.

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