Exilis Day Medical Spa

Now offers an innovative new treatment for non-invasive skin tightening and non-surgical fat reduction.

A more affordable treatment than other pricier procedure options. Exilis (pronounced “x-cil-us”) Day is producing better and faster results with fewer and shorter treatments than any procedure / technologies currently on the market!  Our new non-invasive treatment for the removal of fat tissues from problematic body areas gaining popularity as effective option for skin-tightening, rejuvenation and body sculpting.

What Have You Done? You Look Fabulous!

Eliminate body fat naturally. In just a few Exilis Day treatments, you can lose several inches from your waist and feel noticeably tighter and firmer skin. Our therapy stimulates collagen production / remodeling in your skin. Let us help keep your skin looking fresh and youthful.  See the incredible before photos and videos.

 Patient Comments: “The skin just immediately tightened and then still continues. You could feel it still tightening days after.”

 Redefine your look, TRY A SCULPTING TREATMENT

At one location with one type of procedure to lift / tighten your face, reduce or softens lines & wrinkles, and improve the jaw line & neck by the reduction of excess loose sagging skin or fat deposits. With the same type of treatment, we can additionally make your body thinner, tighter, while reducing cellulite, especially in improving slack or sagging skin after loss of weight, pregnancy, aging, or sun damage. Exilis Day offers an arsenal of non-invasive treatment combinations for all over body skin tightening and body shaping.

The search has ended for aesthetic therapies that result in shapelier figures or advanced skin contouring. You can do all this without going “under the knife” of cosmetic procedures, all without incisions or invasive surgeries. We now present the newest option Exilis™ Therapy. We are not aware of any other no-invasive device or procedure on the market that can promise actual circumferential reduction – until now.

Persistent Problems Areas Addressed

Even if you are physically fit, your weight is stable, and you have a healthy diet and lifestyle, problem areas still exist for most of us. No matter how much you exercise or diet, you just can’t get rid of those lumps, bumps and bulges. For most of us, these are small areas of fat just don’t warrant surgical procedures.

Fat cells are actually stored in the body in lobules that are clustered like a bunch of grapes. These clusters are wrapped in a fibrous tissue layer like a hairnet that holds them together. This fibrous tissue layer makes it virtually impossible to reach the fatty clusters without invasive procedures – until now.

Get the skinny on Exilis to firm and tighten with notable collagen remodeling, unique targeting of areas of concern, all without side effects or downtime. Our treatment sessions can be an alternative to surgical invasive procedures or as a complimentary treatment to enhance or retain the benefits of surgery that can last several years.

Body contouring is now one of the most in-demand cosmetic procedures in the United States. Exilis Day, a medical spa was established to address this growing interest in non-invasive medical procedures and uses the newest technology.