Day Spa TX: 3 Tips For Finding a Great Day Spa

Post On: January 31, 2012

After a long week, everyone deserves a relaxing Day Spa experience. However, most people searching for a day spa have no idea what to look for! Every Day Spa is different, some are smaller and offer a more intimate experience while others have large resort style amenities.

Finding the right Day Spa can be the difference between a relaxing spa experience or added stress. One salon customer had this to say about her experience,

Whether you are looking for a large or small Day Spa here are 3 tips for finding a great day spa that will carter to your needs.

  Available Services. Call the Day Spa and make sure that you ask about their services. A good Day Spa will include massage, skin care, body treatments and endless pampering. Additional services they might include are hair and nail care.
  Professional Staff. When you walk into any Day Spa , make sure that their certifications are displayed prominently. You will want to insure the spa is staffed with professionals.
  Make An Appointment. Many Day Spa say walk-ins welcome, however working a walk-in into an already busy schedule can take some time. To save your self the frustration of waiting around a Day Spa call ahead and schedule an appointment a few days in advance.


Post On: July 22, 2011

Exilis treatments can be done virtually anywhere on the body. Exilis procedure is non-invasive with no pain and no recovery time needed. Exilis presents the latest advance in aesthetic treatments. The system’s advanced features, such as Energy Flow Control safety system, Advanced Cooling, and proven depth of penetration, result in fast and extremely effective, yet affordable, treatment. Exilis uses controlled heating to the tissue through uniform molecule excitation, combined with the beneficial effects of mechanical waves. The Exilis provides effective body contouring via fat volume reduction and skin tightening for a wide variety of clients. Exilis is the fastest body contouring treatment available. Most patients are treated in four twenty-minute sessions Call Exilis Day Medical Spa today at 877-548-6872 to schedule your Free Exilis consultation.


Exilis Treatment Non Surgical Body Fat Reduction

Post On: July 13, 2011

Exilis Austin Tx“Exilis” is a Latin root word which means “thin or slender”… we just call it “the real deal anti-aging procedure.”
Learn about Exilis Day non-surgical treatment sessions offering these unique options for fat reduction and skin tightening in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.
Exilis is an FDA approved technology and is primarily based on the medical marvels of radiofrequency or RF energy’s capabilities in terms of body shaping and circumferential reduction of targeted fatty deposits on the body. Our non-invasive Exilis Day treatment that is a safe, fast, and effective way to also tighten the skin by enhancing the production of collagen remodeling with no patient recovery or downtime. It is a cost effective treatment that produces measurable results all with minimal discomfort.
Exilis delivers results to the deepest dermal layers of the skin that in effect tightens and tones sagging skin, reduces wrinkles, decreases cellulite and unwanted fat. Patients also see improvements in skin folds, skin tone, texture and radiance. Most experienced physicians will agree that RF energy is an excellent way to thermally induce beneficial change in the skin and body.

Typical Applications
Exilis can be used with men and women among all ethnic groups. Exilis Day can treat multiple locations on the body and face for our treatments are exceptionally versatile and adaptable to the contours of the each patients face and body. Commonly treated areas include the skin laxity of the lower face, neck, jowls, eye and mouth areas, décolletage (between waist and neck,) abdomen, arms, flanks, and thighs. Some additional areas of treatment can include: chin area, jawline, back, above the knees, legs…

Popular problem areas of treatment are often unflatteringly described as “saddlebags, love handles, back or bra fat, muffin top or pregnancy pooch tummy, arm bat wings, bra or back fat, flabby thighs, cankle ankles…” all can be contoured at Exilis Day. Popular areas to treat for males are the obliques or “love handles.”

Real Timely Lasting Results
Exilis is useful for anyone who wants a relatively rapid, moderately painless procedure for tightening the skin of the face and body. Most people want to address specific, small areas of concern (such as the circumference of arms, reducing the appearance of loose skin) without undergoing the morbidity, downtime, and scarring of surgical procedures. Results are typically seen incrementally and are long lasting. Remarkable, visible results achieved after only a few sessions.

No Better Treatment
In our opinion, “there is no other device, technique, treatment or procedure available today that can offer such a quick, effective and problem free body shaping result as our application of Exilis. “It is also our intent to strive to reduce the number of treatment sessions required to achieve a successful result, which is critical to our patients satisfaction.” We offer treatments with the Exilis device, the fastest and most powerful RF treatment on the market.

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Exilis vs Liposuction

Post On: July 13, 2011

Exilis and Liposuction

Patients with small areas that would be high risk for surgery and patients afraid of surgery can also benefit. Similarly, Exilis Day treatments may be used in lieu of liposuction, after liposuction or even tried before liposuction as an alternative therapy.

Post-liposuction patients are also candidates for treatment due to laxity or irregularity. Exilis can also come in to play where other procedures cannot due to limitations of their technology. A common example is beneath the ribcage, where some have a roll of adipose tissue that needs feathering. After surgery, it is also reported that the Exilis Day treatment also has a positive impact on the viscosity of the fat to be removed during the liposuction procedure, as well as positively impacting the skin tightening and lymphatic drainage after the procedure.

 Patients who are not candidates for liposuction because of skin laxity may also find Exilis treatments most beneficial. The treatment using the Exilis device fulfills a missing niche in aesthetics.

 Targeted Fat Approach

We have the ability to direct the treatment to problem areas, which is a significant advantage of Exilis Day treatments. It’s nice to have the same kind of control as if sculpting a face with dermal fillers. Exilis not only treats the deepest layers, but rejuvenates the skin when treating the upper levels of the dermis, for less wrinkles and better skin tone.

 We can refine the delivery of heat, whereas allows adjustment for the depth and focus the energy to customize treatments to the needs of our patients. The key is the penetration of about ¾’s of an inch (2 cm), allowing for meaningful fat reduction. The more we cool the skin via the advanced thermoelectric surface cooling system, the deeper we can penetrate the fat allowing the dermis, deep dermis, sub-dermis and deep tissue to all be targeted.

Exilis How Does it Work?

Post On: July 5, 2011

Exilis How Does it Work?

Exilis results are based on using controlled RF energy to stimulate collagen remodeling.  The RF energy volumetrically heats the deeper tissues and ramps up the metabolic activity of the fat cells, causing them to liquefy / release excess stored lipids into the bloodstream, which is absorbed by the lymphatic system for removal from the body. For this and best results, a sufficient increase in the consumption of water is required the day prior, day of, and day after treatment.

Exilis Austin Tx

Non-invasive Body Fat Reduction

The Exilis facial applicator is wonderful for those individuals who want to maintain a lift and then work on a preventative aging. One client stated ”Many hear friends ask if they had a facelift…”The focused and controlled RF energy thermally disrupts collagen fibers and the natural healing process produces new collagen fibers  Older patients typically would not expect to have a good response to building collagen, but the positive results are still very evident.

Patient Expectations and Procedure

So expectations are then set correctly, we cannot claim that our Exilis Day treatments will produce the same results as arhytidectomy (facelift surgery), brachioplasty (eye surgery), or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Exilis RF technology cannot entirely compare to surgery… yet.

Before every treatment, patients are weighed, measured, and photographed as a good practice to allow the operator and the patient to better see results and progress being made. Usually, the most progress occurs between the second and third session. Patients also appreciate the small amount of office time required for treatment.

At Exilis Day, there is a high patient satisfaction rate within a defined area. Patients seeing the achieved results then typically add additional areas. Second, Exilis is a fast procedure, it usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes to treat one area.

Exilis treatments are almost painless and there are few restrictions on activity afterwards. No compression garments or special hosiery are required. The patient’s skin stays pink for a short time and then as the skin layers cools, the color returns to normal and the tightening becomes evident.